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BARBRI brings you a blended classroom and home study programme to prepare for the New York or California state U.S. bar exam. The 6-month bar exam programme, held at our central London campus begins in September in preparation for the following February bar exam. The 10-month bar exam programme, held either at our London campus or at the Durham University campus, begins in September in preparation for the following July bar exam.

As a Classroom candidate, you will experience a combined online Home Study and Live Classroom catering exclusively to postgraduate international students. In addition to your online programme utilising the tools outlined below, candidates benefit from weekend classroom lectures and discussions that are administered by U.S. attorney-qualified BARBRI course directors and facilitators.

We provide the opportunity to sit two live simulated examinations at key points during your studies to help train both your body and brain for this rigorous portion of the exam. Our data and experience has shown that just experiencing live, simulated exams can significantly impact your chances of passing a U.S bar exam.

Preparing with BARBRI International

The BARBRI International Bar Preparation programme is designed specifically for non-U.S. graduates focusing on the exam techniques that international students find difficult to master and on the topics that are most frequently examined to enhance your prospects of achieving bar examination success. Find out more below.

Additional Tools & Features

The Conviser Mini Review (CMR)
Only BARBRI has the CMR, which includes condensed outlines for both the state and multistate portions of the bar exam.

It is immensely popular with students as a time-saving review tool, showing flow charts and other visual learning tools.

Multistate and State Outlines
BARBRI is known for its superior outlines, carefully written to cover what is likely to be tested on the bar.

Both MBE and essay subjects. BARBRI has always prepared students for all parts of the exam.

View sample outlines by clicking on the links below.

Lectures with Handouts
Our engaging bar review lectures, delivered by top law professors and legal scholars, skillfully narrow subjects into manageable and memorable amounts of information.

The accompanying handouts allow you to focus on each lecture while notating key terms for later review.

Essay Writing Workshops and Personalised Grading
Only BARBRI has essay writing experience in every state and jurisdiction. Submit your practice essays for personalised feedback and grading - nothing is automated.

Our team of law professors and practicing lawyers provide specific input so you learn to spot random state issues and rules.

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Workbook
More than a decade’s worth of past MPTs to study in advance for this practical section of the bar exam.

Review factual data, statutes, cases and other reference material to prepare for the assignments and lawyering tasks that will be tested and evaluated.

Essay Testing Volume
Actual and sample essay questions from past bar exams with model answers.

All prepared by BARBRI experts to use as a guide for formatting, style and content.

Foundations in U.S. Law
Preparation for the bar exam begins as soon as a candidate has enrolled on the BARBRI International programme with online access to Foundations in U.S. Law.

This unique programme of directed independent learning is designed to provide you with an introduction to the exam skills required, as well as to the Core 7 subjects tested on the Bar Examination.

Multiple Choice Practice Questions
Work thousands of online MBE practice questions that closely resemble what’s on the actual exam.

Plus you benefit from seeing detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

1:1 Personal Support
Your BARBRI Director of Legal Education (DLE) takes your success on the bar exam personally.

Your individually-assigned BARBRI Course Mentor is U.S. qualified and always accessible to offer you practical solutions, provide study strategies or simply talk you through a tough day. Your mentor’s main priority is to support you during the bar preparation course. It’s the BARBRI way of helping you ultimately Own The Bar.

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Workbook
Actual MEE questions with model answers released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and prepared by BARBRI bar exam experts.

Review factual data, statutes, cases and other reference material to prepare for the assignments and lawyering tasks that will be tested and evaluated.

Multistate Bar Exam Practice Questions Book
More than 2,000 practice questions, including six levels of practice questions, give you a chance to pre-test the MBE, see the most frequently tested issues and master fundamental concepts.

Bar Exam Details & Eligibility

A U.S. qualification is more achievable than you might have first thought as New York and California operate a relatively open policy in permitting foreign law graduates or lawyers to sit their bar examinations and do not impose restrictions to admission on grounds of nationality or residence.

There are many factors to consider though and we encourage candidates to attend an Open Day, or speak with a BARBRI International team member prior to programme enrollment so that we can ensure that you understand the steps required to establish your eligibility, that you are available to study for and sit the bar examination.


Get a taste of real materials that you’ll use during BARBRI International Bar Prep to prepare to pass the New York or California Bar Exam.

I constantly received emails and phone calls asking me on my progress with the course materials and everyone was happy to give advise. Moreover, all queries were responded to promptly. The course material given by Barbri is sufficient for the exam and I did not need to look beyond the materials for my preparation.

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