Guest Blog by Tiffany Khoo, LLB
London School of Economics and Political Science graduate

Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrations have always been a wonderful thing, but with the Bar Exam inching closer, I’ve started to dread the festivities that come with these celebrations, knowing I have to really work at managing my time better!

For those who don’t celebrate it, the Lunar New Year is a 2 week affair, filled with lots of family gatherings, large dinners, and an abundance of firecrackers. The days are spent with house visits and red packet collection (filled with money!), whilst the nights are spent at Chinese restaurants as we eat the evening away.

You’re probably wondering, what about the studying? I’ve been trying to keep up to date with my Personal Study Plan and although the weekly work assigned is reasonable, taking the time to sit down and watch lectures or prepare for a 200 question mock exam was really difficult! In fact, I’m holding off sitting my mock exam as I’ve been so busy in the last two weeks!

I’m so grateful though that the material is interesting and really relevant. In light of the recent US elections and exercise of power by the newly elected President, it’s been particularly enjoyable to learn Constitutional Law and the limits and breadth of power that the executive and judiciary have. This also reminds me of how useful it is to have an international qualification from the US! As such an important country, American news affects all of us in the rest of the world and having an understanding of the legal implications of certain acts definitely makes for more interesting table talk. I look forward to the opportunities that will come with passing the New York Bar.

That is, if I stick to my study schedule.

A word of advice to my fellow peers – definitely don’t fall behind! If you know you’ll be busy for a particular week, maybe plan to study a little more the week beforehand. Once you’ve fallen behind, although it’s by no means impossible to catch up, it does become very challenging! It’s also crucial that we maintain our health. Trying to study when unwell can be counterproductive so load up on fruits and veggies, everyone!

Till next time!