South Korean Native and Irish Law Graduate Expands Career Options Internationally

Hong imageMy Name is Yewhoan Hong, and I was raised in South Korea before arriving in Ireland in 2005.

Upon being accepted into Law and French at Trinity College Dublin in 2011, I was exposed to the contrasting nature of common law and civil law. After completing my Erasmus in France at Université de Strasbourg, I decided to practise law internationally.

The New York bar seemed an appealing choice by which I could begin building my profile as an international practitioner. The New York Attorney-at-Law qualification comes with a certain prestige and international mobility. Not only do many employers hold the qualification in high regard, but many businesses also have ties with New York, a prominent global financial hub.

As a fresh college graduate, I had to make sure I was eligible to sit for the examination. Having devoted my time to studying common law and French civil law, there was a possibility that I would not meet the requirement set by the New York Board of Examiners. I contacted BARBRI International as soon as my final transcript was released, and quickly received a response that I would most likely be eligible. I duly registered for the examination.

Studying the substantive law was by no means easy.

Ireland, being a common law jurisdiction, had many things in common with U.S. law; however, there were numerous additional legal principles that were unique to Federal and New York state laws.

Through online lectures and carefully structured assessments, I was able to understand principles and gradually complete each branch of law every week. From the pre-course materials to the actual sitting of the New York examination, I answered approximately 2,000 MCQs, 100 essays and 10 MPTs which were all provided by BARBRI. Having put the work in, I successfully passed the examination on my first sitting with an MBE score that was 10 points above the national average.

BARBRI International has been very supportive throughout the entire process. The administrative staff is willing and able to help with any problems that may arise. The course structure is comprehensive and convenient. At each class, there is an on-site supervisor who shared his or her experiences and fueled motivation.

I am ultimately happy with my decision to sit the New York bar examination and feel my decision will open new opportunities as I seek to begin my international legal career.