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The SQE Exam: What is it and who takes it?

We are delighted to support aspiring solicitors and their (future) employers through the challenges of the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). The SRA states that the new exam “is all about setting and assuring high, consistent, professional standards ….”  So, what does this mean for future lawyers?  It means that you must sit a series of national examinations, set centrally by Kaplan under the auspices of the SRA.

The SQE will comprise a series of exams that may be taken after completing a degree (law or otherwise) and/or whilst gaining work experience. Unlike the existing GDL/LPC exams, legal topics and skills will be examined in mixed subject questions (e.g. contract with civil litigation) and so more closely aligned to “real-life” legal problems. This means that a classic undergraduate law degree (and indeed a non-law degree) will be insufficient alone to prepare for the SQE exam. In addition, the exam format requires specific exam techniques requiring multiple opportunities to practice multiple choice questions and complete mock exams. BARBRI has over 50 years’ experience of preparing students for such exams.

BARBRI: We’re here to help you.

For over half a century, BARBRI has been a leader in training aspiring lawyers, and our innovative testing and learning technologies make us an ideal partner for future solicitors preparing for the SQE.

At the heart of our approach is the BARBRI Active Adaptive Legal Learning System. This proprietary methodology expedites the learning process, increases retention and heightens comprehension. We also provide you with your own SQE Personal Study Plan, or PSP, that automatically delivers the right mix of substance and skills training on a completely flexible schedule to fit your needs.

Combine those with our staff of top law tutors and lectures, and our proven, professional resource books, and BARBRI is poised to help you master the skills you need to pass the SQE.

Introducing the SQE Collaboration

BARBRI and The College of Legal Practice bring together world-leading learning technology honed over 50 years of experience in international legal education.

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BARBRI SQE preparation materials

BARBRI is working hard to optimize our materials to best serve your needs as an aspiring solicitor prepping for the SQE. The exams won’t begin until 2021, so be sure to check back during 2019/20 for further information on BARBRI SQE 1 and 2 courses.


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