First CILEx Qualified Lawyer to Sit the California State Bar Exam

I’m John Dickens and I recently became the first CILEx qualified lawyer to be deemed eligible to sit the California State Bar Exam.

At the time of writing the good people at BARBRI International are helping me towards my goal of being the first CILEx lawyer practising in both the U.K. and U.S.

I am an employment lawyer originally from sunny Yorkshire. The academic and professional route I took to become such was in the form of the traditional LLB three-year law degree, the Legal Practice Course, interspersed with seven years working in my chosen field of employment law as a Litigation Executive for both national and boutique firms.

I decided to undertake the bar in California as it had always been a dream of mine to move to America. While I was happy with the work I was doing in the U.K., I felt strongly that the remuneration was not what it should be. I also believe that a better work/life balance is possible as an Attorney, in addition to increased earning power and the peripheral benefit of swapping rain and cold for sunshine and warmth.

Having recently secured a job offer in Los Angeles contingent on my passing the bar, I am now very excited to progress with my studies and have found BARBRI International to be a most excellent partner in preparing me for the bar. In providing its wealth of knowledge and experience going back nearly fifty years, BARBRI International not only helped me to become the first CILEx lawyer to be eligible to sit the bar but I believe it will be instrumental in my being the first to pass it also.