Parisien, Nelson Dijoux Coquillas, uses his New York qualification to practice in international arbitration – the international setting of his dreams.

My name is Nelson Dijoux Coquillas and I am an Associate in International Arbitration at White & Case LLP.

I have always imagined myself working in an international legal setting interacting with colleagues and clients from all around the world. After earning my bachelor and master’s degree from Paris Dauphine, I went on to obtain a second master’s degree and an LL.M. from U.C. Berkeley.

I knew I would take the New York Bar Exam because, in my desired field of practice, it was a go-to, especially for big law firms at which I was applying at the time. Additionally, the bar exam itself provided me with some useful exposure to federal and state subjects that I did not take in law school, but which proved useful at the beginning of my career (conflicts of laws for example).

Today, I get the pleasure of working in a truly international setting. The clients I help on a daily basis come from all around the world. The wonderful team with which I work is truly a global team as only 5 or 6 of my 45+ colleagues are 100% French. My international arbitration practice is truly a global career and I could not be happier.

When it comes to preparing for a U.S. state bar exam, BARBRI was and still is the #1 course. The vast majority of my friends, American or foreigners, relied on BARBRI to help them through the bar exam. The BARBRI Personal Study Plan was tailored to my particular needs: I wanted to go at my own pace yet still be assisted if necessary, and I also needed a lot of practice. BARBRI ticked all the boxes: Reliability, tailor-made program, individual assistance, and substantial practice.

The Personal Study Plan constantly directed me toward the specific areas and subjects on which I needed more practice, which did a lot to make me feel comfortable about the actual exam. The Simulated MBE made a huge difference as well as I arrived at the real exam completely familiar with the exam format and structure. I just had to focus on my answers.

If you’re wondering which bar preparation course is for you, wonder no more. Chances are that BARBRI will be a perfect fit for your study habits and needs.


Koren Grinshpoon, Tel Aviv native, and an Israeli lawyer is using his New York qualification to provide broader services to tech clients in New York as a corporate associate at one of New York’s biggest law firms.

MY NAME IS Koren Grinshpoon and I was admitted to practice in Israel in 2016 after receiving my LL.B. and a graduate diploma in Economics from Tel Aviv University. Following my graduation, I worked at the hi-tech department of Herzog, Fox & Neeman, Israel’s top law firm. I noticed firsthand the innovative nature of tech law and of the global tech industry, as well as the predominance and preeminence of U.S. based tech companies and venture capital firms. I needed to become intimately familiar with U.S. law as it governs many transactions made in the course of a tech company’s life cycle. I found that the best way to accomplish this goal is by sitting or the New York Bar Examination and becoming licensed as an attorney in New York. Since Israel is a common law jurisdiction, graduates of accredited schools from Israel can qualify to sit for a U.S. state bar, particularly New York, with relative ease.


Understanding the governing laws of different jurisdictions, as well as being able to advice on such laws, allows me to provide better and broader services to my clients. After researching many programs to help one  pursue his or her goal of passing the New York Bar Exam, I chose the BARBRI International program without hesitation. BARBRI is well known for its exam preparation courses for the New York Bar and is the only program that provides an international learning experience which allows lawyers to study for the exam in their country of origin as well as anywhere else in the world. The BARBRI team was extremely supportive and helped me and many of my peers navigate the tedious registration process for foreign-educated applicants. Also, the BARBRI lectures and practice questions were fantastic tools for preparation for the exam. By following the BARBRI International study schedule, specifically designed to prepare international students for the exam, I felt confident in my ability to pass the exam on my first try. I was indeed admitted to practice in New York in May 2017 and went on to practice law as a corporate associate at one of New York’s biggest law firms.


Amanda Lee always planned to pass the New York Bar Exam and with BARBRI, nothing would stop her – not even a broken watch during the bar exam – as she achieved U.S. qualification.

MY NAME IS AMANDA LEE and, since I can remember, I always wanted to be a lawyer able to practice New York law in the United States. Sitting the New York Bar Exam was always part of my plan, it was just a matter of time. Today, I am successfully dual-qualified as a New York attorney – U.S. qualified with the help of BARBRI – and a Solicitor Advocate at Seymours, a commercial law practice in the City of London.

Perhaps inspired by my U.S. qualification goal, my legal career has always had a global dimension: practising international commercial arbitration and litigation, with a particular interest in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Having a specific long-term plan required diligent steps along the way. I began researching bar review options while at university and when the time came to prepare for the New York Bar Exam it was clear that BARBRI was the logical choice. I enrolled on the BARBRI International Bar Preparation course in 2011 and studied while practicing full-time as a Solicitor.


The program is carefully constructed to teach you and guide you through what it takes to prepare and provide you with the right skills to pass. The BARBRI lectures delivered an expert overview of the tested bar topics and the scope of study materials equipped me with solid techniques to perform with proficiency on the multiple-choice (MBE) question portion of the exam.

In describing BARBRI International Bar Preparation, I choose the words “highly effective” – if you commit to doing the work and apply the techniques you will pass the bar exam. It’s an exercise in endurance, time management and information retention due to the sheer volume of material involved. The BARBRI course prepared me well to overcome any unforeseen challenges (such as my watch stopping on the morning of the exam) and get through the exam successfully.

To anyone with the goal of passing a U.S. bar exam and becoming U.S. qualified – go with BARBRI, make the time, do the work, apply the techniques and you’ll be in the best position to pass.

The BARBRI Journey

Guest Blog by Tiffany Khoo, LLB
London School of Economics and Political Science graduate

Can I just say that this BARBRI journey has been a challenge!

I’m enrolled under the 10-month programme which is meant to be at a pretty relaxed pace of about 10 – 15 hours a week. Although this hardly sounds like any work when you break it down, I definitely did not account for how tired I would be after work. As a result, by the time I actually rest my head on the pillow, I’m well and truly tired out and sleep comes very easily.

Fotolia_61821095_Subscription_Monthly_MAllow me to illustrate an average workday – I wake in the morning and feed my dog before heading to work. Work involves reading and analysing legislation, vetting contracts, and attending meetings. If I don’t have to leave late, I try to squeeze in an hour of exercise before heading home. After dinner and a shower, I seat myself at my desk to attempt working at my BARBRI Personal Study Plan (PSP). Although it doesn’t sound very vigorous, it is very mentally tiring and I am so grateful that I’ve signed up for such a comprehensive study plan to help me through it.

It’s been tough but it makes me even more grateful that I’m doing this with BARBRI.

Thanks to the PSP, I know exactly what I have to do and when I have to do it by. Although I did find myself having to play catch-up after going on holiday for a week, the PSP gives me structure to my revision which I otherwise would not have.

Besides watching lectures, an aspect of the PSP is answering multiple choice questions and self-grading essays. Additionally, they’ve also given us a chance to have a piece of work marked. At the moment, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself when my scores on the assigned multiple choice questions haven’t seen much improvement because I trust that with diligent practice, it should get better. I will most definitely keep you guys updated on this!


One of the great things about being part of the BARBRI community is the support provided, not just from those working at BARBRI but from those being involved in the program as well. I’ve been added to a Whatsapp group with the other international students on the course and it truly is encouraging to be able to ask questions to a group of people from around the world, no matter the time. They recently shared good news about the latest New York Bar passing rates, and we are hoping our group will do well too.

With Christmas season approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and neglect to spend enough time revising. I know that it’s going to take a lot of discipline and encouragement to keep myself on track for the next month. Wish me luck! And good luck to the rest of you too.

Till next time!