What if I Don’t Pass the Bar Exam?

Rob Dudley,
BARBRI International Director

When I’m talking to lawyers or law graduates around the world who are considering sitting a U.S. State Bar Exam and qualifying as a U.S. attorney, one question that I hear occasionally is, “What happens if I study and sit the California or New York Bar Exam and I find that I do not pass?”

This is a very fair question.

Most of you are incredibly busy and have many obligations and demands on your time. Once you decide to study and sit a U.S. Bar Exam, you are making the decision to dedicate a portion of your precious and limited time toward this endeavor.

First, you should know that, should you choose BARBRI as your partner to prepare for the New York or California Bar Exam either through the 6 or 10-month international program, via Home Study or Classroom format, we provide you every level of support to help ensure you will pass the exam.

The sole purpose of the BARBRI International Bar Preparation program is to teach you the specific information that is needed to pass the exam. The program is designed to utilize your time in the most efficient way possible during the process. Additionally, there are real people, like me, who’s job it is in life is to support you in this endeavor every step of the way.

We are very proud of the fact that 70% of the students who completed at least 75% of the work assigned through their BARBRI Bar Preparation Personal Study Plan passed the exam the first time. This is an incredible success rate for people who were not educated in the U.S. seeking a U.S. qualification.

Even so, yes, there are candidates who put in the time and energy and ultimately fall short on the actual exam. This is why, for a bit of extra reassurance, we offer the BARBRI Guarantee.

The BARBRI Guarantee means that, if you complete our study plan but you do not pass at the first attempt, we will provide a second preparation course free of charge.

I’m here for you and ready to partner on your route to qualifying as a U.S. attorney.